Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

We celebrated our little one turning 2 a few weeks ago and in true fashion I am now just getting around to uploading pictures and catching up on all the details. She had a Winnie the Pooh party because she has been fixated on that movie and all things Pooh for months. Go figure as soon as the party was over she seemed to get some closure with Pooh and now we are on to the next thing…

Owl Cupcakes

The Backson from the new Pooh movie.

Same smile cute!

Quick family photo

Playdough station

Her Birthday cake that turned into a community cake with kids. So fun! All the kids seemed to love the idea they could just dig in with a fork and have fun!

So much blue frosting= blue poop the next day

This little girl is so much fun to be around but this age is very challenging as well. As more of her personality emerges it becomes encouraging to see her likes and what she is willing to try to do but it also brings more independence and defiance as well. I can't get to upset about it because what kid is perfectly behaved? She is so sweet and here are a few things she does that just makes me smile:

1. When she sees another kid fall down or someone coughing, she will go up to them and bend down to look them straight in the eye and ask them if they are ok. It's so sweet that she shows concern.

2. Sometimes when we are about to get out of the car, she holds onto whatever item she is playing with and says, "Take it with us? Pleaaaase mama." When I reply, "Sure we can take it baby" she just lights up and is so excited I am letting her take it with us.

3. We only have to show her something once and from then out she wants to do it herself and says her name "do it do it". Lately, she wants to float on her back by herself with no assistance.

4. Anytime we eat a popsicle she proceeds to lift my shirt and rub her popsicle on my belly saying, "baby have some." Then she will smile and look at me and say, "baby likes it." It's so cute and so cold!

5. If she sees that Daddy or I have a boo boo, she then shows us that she has one as well in the same spot on her body.

6. She loves to dance and anytime music is on TV, the radio, etc she stands up extends her hand and says, "Mama dance?!" meaning I must get up and dance with her. We have frequent dance parties in her room. She turns on her radio and we spin around or do dancing lunges (her favorite). She likes to tell me to "Watch this! Watch this!" Then she does a trick, or flip or whatever.

7. Her new favorite movie is Lilo & Stitch. While at Ikea the other day, as we were nearing our 3rd hour in the store I decided to pull out the kindle and let her watch it. Well it got to the part where Stitch almost dies (Stitch has a Glitch movie) and they think he is dead so everyone in the movie is crying. She started crying as well and got really sad about it which caused me (preggo hormonal mama) to cry with her and hug her. I was just so amazed with how much she understood about emotion and how it caused her to feel sad. Crying party is aisle 7!

8. Her new thing is to tell the dogs, some stuffed animals,her favorite blanket and on occasion her parents that she "I wuv you".  It's the cutest thing and so nice to hear her express her love!

Currently 30lbs, sleeps in a toddler bed, and haven't attempted potty training yet.

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