Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Negative Chin Up & Pull Up

Two weeks ago I had this epic dream that I walked up to my pull up bar and started doing pull ups, like tons and tons of them and doing them with ease! In my dream they felt so natural and easy and simple. So upon waking I was pretty excited about attempting one and no doubt in my mind I knew it would feel like the dream I had. HA, not even close! Whew, let's just say I was lucky enough to struggle to get up to the bar for one. But that dream made me realize that I do miss being able to do pull ups with ease and able do many at one time.

Back in 5th grade during PE class we had a pull up contest amongst all the boys and girls to see who could do the most and I won it! I beat the girls and all the boys too. I was so excited and thrilled that I beat EVERYONE and knew I was going to be the talk of the 5th grade due to my showcased strength. I was excited to brag about my new talent and looked forward to being noticed. Well, the follow recess some crazy boy decided to do a "skin the cat" trick off the monkey bars and fell and broke his arm. My pull up champ news was quickly forgotten and the talk around school was all about the wild kid. Short lived

I want to regain some of that strength I had back when I was 10 years old. I have been working on my pull ups and chin ups. More so my chin ups because they are easier since your palms face inwards when you pull yourself up. But, in order to gain more strength and be able to do more than one at a time I have been practicing sets of the negative pull up and negative chin up. My goal is to be able to do ten in a row. Right now I am at one. If you can't do one then practicing negative pull ups can help you build your strength to get there. They really aren't that bad to practice. We frequent parks and playgrounds several times a week so I never have an excuse not to try a couple and get my some practice.

How To Do a Negative Chin Up:

1. Start with your chin at or over the bar. You can climb on something or jump up to the bar to get in this position.

2. Now slowly lower yourself down. Keep your movement slow and steady and take your time to really work your muscles! The slower you go, the harder it is! Try counting to 30 while lowering yourself.

3. Finish in a full hang position. Done! Basically, its like a reverse pull up or chin up. Do a few of these a few times a week to work on your strength!

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