Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

This was the first year that our little girl was old enough to hunt eggs and understand the concept of Easter a tad more than last year. The night before Easter we dyed eggs which was the quickest event ever! She kept tossing every white egg she could grab in a color as fast as she could. It was entertaining but left no time to even take a photo. I let her play with the plastic eggs before bed and she was hooked. She carried her little pink basket everywhere and wanted to take it to bed. I told her she could have one egg in bed but the basket needed to stay next to her bed. After I tucked her in, I went to shower. When I looked at the monitor again this is what I saw…

When she woke up on Easter she grabbed her basket, which I had moved out of her bed later on during the night, and went to the living room. She was really excited to look for eggs and when she saw her Easter basket she started calling for Mama. I went out and must have scared her because this is the photo I got when she turned around.

I let her eat whatever goodies she wanted and later we did an egg hunt in our yard. She loved to find an egg, open it, eat the jelly bean, and toss the egg. She had a TON of jelly beans that day.

We went to an Easter party later that day with her friends and had a blast. I am convinced we need fake grass in our yard. That deep green color is amazing! 

Stealing bites of Daddy's ice cream

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