Sunday, May 4, 2014

Introducing my NEW blog and more...

Like many moms out there, I have many great habits and a list of not so great habits. This new blog is all about my journey as a mom and the habits I create through fitness, nutrition, and family along the way. I hope to encourage and inspire others but mostly set a great example for my own little family.

With that short introduction, I am excited to announce I have a new workout partner!! This person is going to keep me motivated, determined, and exhaust me all along the way but I am up for the challenge! Together we are going to be forming a Healthy, Active, Balanced lifestyle or what I like to call, HABits. This is the whole premiss behind my new blog; HABits. We all have them and we all have the power to change them. Through motivation, determination, and repetition we can create a habit. My idea is to share my journey specifically my goals and what motivates me to keep or strive for maintaining better habits. If you know me, you know I love fitness and like everyone have my ups and downs with achieving those goals. Over the next 6 months I have an amazing motivator that will allow me to share my fitness journey as I watch the scale go up, slowly lose sight of my toes, and become more rounder than usual. I am happy to share….


Little Spoon #2 due November 2014!! Stay tuned to my new blog HERE for my pregnancy workouts, nutrition, and more. I will be keeping this blog but it will become more about family updates here and there and more private.

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  1. Yay! Congratulations! I wish I had your motivation! Definitely going to be following your new page!